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F15/F30 Metal Seated

Design Features



Extends F15/F30 temperature range (750oF /400oC).

Abrasion/erosion resistance and anti-fouling capabilities (slurries, etc.)

Size range: ½” to 8”, CL150 & CL300.

2015 Kick Off Stock: 2”-6”, CL150 & CL300.

Currently Uni-directional sealing.

No machining required, uses standard F15/F30 valve Drop-in trim replacement for soft seated trim.

Significantly reduced cost.

Significantly reduced lead time.

Field repairable.

Reduced torque at low pressure.


Mate-lapped Ball & Seat Set with high performance coating:

o In-House proprietary thermal spray and lapping technology.

o Superior wear resistance.

o Reduced torque & extended sealing surface life.

o Class IV to VI Leakage, per customer request.

Wave spring generates precise loading of the ball/seat interface and graphite seals, allowing for:

o Low torque operation.

o Tight shutoff.

o Thermal expansion throughout full range operating range.

Blowout proof, high strength, one-piece stem.

Graphite seals for high temp and chemical compatibility.

Galling-resistant Nitronic® 60 thrust washer for high temp.

Componentes y Materiales
Componentes y Materiales
Niveles de Presión / Temperatura

Metal Seated Applications





Pulp & Paper.


Food and beverage.

High Temp to 750oF / 400oC.

Abrasive applications.

Steam service.

Mild slurries.

Higher combination of temperature & pressure.

Gate Valve applications.

Fills the gap between soft seats and severe service ball valves.



ASME B16.34.

ASME B16.10.

ASME B16.5 Class & DIN/EN PN Rated Flanges.

API 608.

API 607.

ISO 5211.

API 598, MSS SP-61, or ANSI FCI 70-2 Class IV – VI.

NACE MR0175.

ACE/PED in-Progress.

Metal Seated FAQs


Current seats only work in the F15/30.

Not designed for the RF15/30, Triad, etc.

Current seats fit DIN/EN valves (FD10/FD40).

Can be used for F15/F30 V-Port control valves (but not stocked in V-Port).